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Previously On... the Iliad


Each week, Lynn Kozak performed a new, partially improvised English translation of a bit of the Iliad, all the way through the epic. These events were part of an FRQSC-funded research-creation project, Previously On... the Iliad, which explores the Iliad's serial poetics through performance practice and comparative serialities. Performances took place every Monday at Bar des Pins at  6pm between January 15 and August 6, 2018.

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A research-creation approach to millennia-old questions

What's it like to perform the Iliad? It's hard to imagine- a single poet/rhapsode, performing for between 18-25 hours. How many breaks did they take? How did they divide up the poem? How did the audience keep track of such a long, complex story?

Building on Kozak's 2016 Experiencing Hektor (Bloomsbury, available open-access here) on the Iliad's serial poetics, and working closely with professional performance practitioners and dramaturges, Previously On The Iliad seeks to answer these questions through a weekly, serial performance of the whole epic and its subsequent analysis within a broader research context on comparative serial poetics in long form narratives.


Each week's performance will be posted here.



For more information on the project, you may find Lynn Kozak's CBC radio interview for "As It Happens" here, as well as a Globe and Mail article.


Performances take place at
Bar des Pins (accessible, 18+)
3714 Avenue du Parc
Every Monday, 6pm

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